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Filip Nguyen has a reason to represent Vietnam, not Czech

Thứ năm, 09/05/2019 11:57 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Although Czech locals are supporting Filip Nguyen to cap Czech NT, yet he has his own reason to represent Vietnam NT.

Coach Park hang seo and his team fly to Norwegian Saturday 4th May to scout Alexander Dang and discuss with his family on taking him back to Vietnam, then to Filip Nguyen, a 1.91 meters goalie playing in Slovan Liberec.

The 27 year old goalie is probably the hottest name since he was well trained in European professional environment, and partly because the local wants him to represent Czech NT. Whether Czech NT needs Filip Nguyen while they own many excellent players?

Czech NT summoned 3 goalmouths Ondrej Kolar (Slavia Prague), Jiri Pavlenka (Werder Bremen) and Tomas Koubek (Rennes).

Jiri Pavlenka is outstanding, playing for Bremen (ranked 9th), he is priced 3 million euro since 2017. Tomas Koubek’s 1.98 high, playing in Rennes (ranked 11th)

Ondrej Kolar, playing in Czech, just turn 25 and plays for Slavia Praha (1st rank). Filip Nguyen, 27 years old, playing for 6th ranked Slovan Liberec.

Earlier, Filip Nguyen and Ondrej Kolar used to be teammates in Slovan Liberec season 2017-18. At that time, Ondrej was the no.1 goalkeeper while Filip only appeared in 2 matches. Since Ondrej Kolar moved, Filip Nguyen got a chance to take the position now.

Regarding level, aging and qualification, Filip Nguyen hardly can compete a place in Czech NT. This is why he chooses Vietnam NT.

If Filip Nguyen is able to come back before World Cup 2020 Qualifiers, he will be challenged by Dang Van Lam and Bui Tien Dung. However, with his particular advantages, he will a position in Vietnam NT asap.

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