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Alexander Dang’ unremarkable performance in Vietnam coach’s scouting day

Thứ hai, 13/05/2019 11:30 (GMT+7)
Mr Tha
BTV Thể thao

Alexander Dang delivered quite an unimpressive performance on the day Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo scouted him from the stand to test and perhaps call him to Vietnam NT.

The Vietnamese-origin striker was on the line-up in the Nest Sotra clash against Sandefjord Sunday, he was determined to score under the scout of coach Park Hang-seo.

Nest Sotra developed attacking play to press their opponent and keep the ball around Viitala’s net, yet Sorensen’s terrible shoot destroyed all. In the home team attack, Alex didn’t receive any support from his teammates and didn’t perform his best, finished the first half 0-0.

In the first minutes of the second half, Sandefjord adjusted their tactics. This helped them dominate the game again and conquer in Nest Sotra’s penalty area. The press from the home team made Sotra player foul here. Engblom opened the scoring in 66th minute. After a minute, Marcus Mahnert was sent out to the pitch, played deeper and scored an equalizer 1-1 for Nest Sotra.

In the last minutes, Alexander Dang played deeper to receive the ball. He made chance himself by good run and pressing. However, his finishing was always prevented by Sandefjord’s defender. Right after Alex was replaced, Pontus Engblom scored his second goal and help Sandefjord thrash Nest Sotr 2-1.

The 29 year old, having a Vietnamese father, is currently playing in Nest-Sotra in Norwegian. Also, he scored 39 goals in 69 matches playing for Nest-Sotra. Earlier, He used to bring 85 goals in 56 matches for Sotra SK, 32 goals in 27 matches for Vadmyra, 31 goals in 33 matches for Hovding. In total, he has scored 187 goals in 185 matches in his career.

Coach Park Hang-seo will inform his assessment on Alex Dang this May. Vietnam NT will summon on June 1 then fly to Thailand for King’s Cup 2019.

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