Thailand set a goal to snatch 4th SEA Games’ champion straight

Date: 18/04/2019

Thể Thao 247 - Thailand eliminates the rumor saying that it will give up SEA Games to concentrate on AFC U23 Championship 2020 Finals.

The team from the ‘golden temple’ country affirmed that it will snatch SEA Games’ gold medal for the 4th time.

Thailand is now the 3th reigning champion straight of the biggest Asian football tournament.

Otherwise, AFC U23 Championship 2020 Finals hosted by Thailand was the game giving the host an opportunity to seal a ticket to Olympic Tokyo 2020.

Therefore, a lot of people believes that Thailand will be no more interested in the SEA Games’ title.

HOwever, Siam Sports affirmed that SEA Games is still an important arena for Thailand. Mr. Alexandre Gama’s side would be provided a chance to measure themselves against U22 Vietnam players – one of the toughest rival of Thailand in AFC U23 Championship 2020 Finals.

A while ago, U23 Thailand shocked with a bitter loss ever 4-0 against U23 Vietnam.

Coach Alexandre Gama will be likely take advantage of King’s Cup tournament to gather U22 players facing strong continent teams such as Japan, Korea, and China to advance his player’s experience.

To actualize the huge ambition, Thailand needs to finish the first step which is seizing the SEA Games’ champion, and more specifically is beating Vietnam team.