Thailand and Indonesia fight for Elkan Baggott for the 2022 World Cup

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 03/04/2020

Elkan Baggott is being scouted by Thailand and Indonesia before the World Cup of 2022 returns.

Thai media quoted Indosport newspaper as saying that the two countries' national teams are paying close attention to the young talent Elkan Baggott, 17, a member of the Ipswich Town staff playing in the First Division in England.

This player was born in Thailand but his father is British and his mother is Indonesian. He moved to Indonesia to live in 2011 before going to England to practice football for Ipswich Town.

Elkan Baggott plays in the center of defense with 1.94 meters high. Baggott is currently wearing the U18 and U23 teams of Ipswich. According to the research, the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) has asked Ipswich to allow Baggott to return to practice with the Indonesian national team after the Covid-19 epidemic subsided.

Elkan Baggott is training in Ipswich Town

However, Ipswich has not yet agreed to the request of PSSI due to Baggott's injury. But Indonesia will persevere to the end for this case. Currently coach Shin Tae Young is looking to reorganize Indonesia when he once expressed dissatisfaction about the quality of the players here.

Players like Baggott will be a complement to make the Korean strategist more satisfied.

Thailand, meanwhile, is also willing to bring Baggott back to his birthplace if they have an opportunity. In the current Thailand squad, there is a naturalized player, midfielder Manuel Bihr.

In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Thailand ranked third with 8 points. Indonesia stood at the bottom of the table without winning any points.

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