Quang Huy: 'Van Hau must become a symbol of U22 Vietnam

Author: Amelia
10:49 | 26/08/2020

Quang Huy thinks that Van Hau's position is different now that Mr. Park does not need to call the U22 team in Vietnam.

In the second training session of U22 Vietnam, an interesting image appeared when Van Hau stood next to Park Hang-seo talking. While Van Hau has been famous for a long time, his peers have to be determined to find a place in the U22 Vietnam team.

This proves the talent and a completely different position of Van Hau. Sharing with VTC, Quang Huy said that Mr. Park's decision not to summon Van Hau was reasonable.

"Van Hau does not have to test his ability anymore. Van Hau's ability has been proven and his slot should be better for new players. Not to mention Van Hau has just gone through a period of not playing in the Netherlands, the country has to be quarantined for 14 days, of course, a professional like Van Hau, the isolation still has training but not equal to the club.

Van Hau talked to Coach Park
Van Hau talked to Coach Park

Therefore, that Van Hau came back to rest and slowly intergrated with Hanoi FC is reasonable. He will return to U22 Vietnam with his teammates at a suitable time. And now, if Van Hau goes to U22 Vietnam, he must be really prosperous, like an icon, an example. Asking for that is probably impossible at present.

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