Park wants build a football academy to help Vietnam attend the World Cup?

Author: Preeda Apsara
14:00 | 18/05/2020

Park Hang-seo and representative Lee Dong-jun are cherishing the plan to open a young football academy in Vietnam.

Park Hang-seo has just renewed a 3-year contract with the Vietnam Football Federation. However, the Korean strategist has repeatedly expressed his desire to continue to work in Vietnam when he no longer coaches Vietnam NT.

According to some sources, Park Hang-seo and his representative Lee Dong Jun are speeding up the establishment of a young football training academy in Vietnam. This special academy will be built based on international standards and trained according to Mr. Park's playing philosophy.

Mr. Park wants to open a football academy in Vietnam.
Mr. Park wants to open a football academy in Vietnam.

Mr. Park expressed to the Korean press: "Vietnam is a country that has given me opportunities and glory. I have many things I want to do. But at the end of my coaching career, I have a wish that I will participate in developing young football for Vietnam ".

Lee Dong Jun has experience building a network of young talent seekers as well as creating links with the teams to find berths for players. Mr. Park will be well supported by familiar partners such as assistants Lee Yong-jin, Kim Han-yoon, Lee Tae-hoon or Dr. Choi Ju-young.

If the Park Hang-seo brand is established, Vietnamese football fans can see more of 'steel shield' Dinh Trong, Cong Phuong, Phan Van Duc ... These are all outstanding talents and flourished when working with Park Hang-seo.

Together with HAGL, PVF, Viettel, Hanoi FC, SLNA ... Park Hang-seo Academy will help Vietnamese football to have more excellent players to realize the World Cup dream in the next 5-10 years.

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