Doan Van Hau unsure about his future

Author: Paithoon Bundarik
09:00 | 26/06/2020

Doan Van Hau himself doesn’t know what his future will be when Hanoi and SC Heerenveen do not give any information on the new contract.

The future of Doan Van Hau at SC Heerenveen is still a big question mark at the present time. The defender's contract with the Dutch team will end on June 30, but there has not been any move to extend the contract from SC Heerenveen.

Recently, Feanonline reporter Marcel Koppers had a talk with Doan Van Hau about this. He shared that even Van Hau himself did not know whether he will play in Vietnam or the Netherlands next season. On his Twitter page, Marcel Koppers writes:

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"Until now, Doan Van Hau still has no information about his future at SC Heerenveen. When asked, the Vietnamese defender only answered" I don't know. "I hope that the team will soon arrange things instead of being silent like they are right now.”

It is unclear whether Van Hau is really uncertain about his future or hides information from the media, but the defender's answer makes fans feel worried.

Doan van hau heerenveen

There has been reports that SC Heerenveen is looking to buy a new defender, making Van Hau's future in the Netherlands increasingly uncertain.

On June 23, Van Hau and his teammates at SC Heerenveen had the last training session to end this season. After this training, the players will rest and the club will embark on preparing personnel for the new season. Perhaps this will be the time that SC Heerenveen officially cares about the case of Doan Van Hau.

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