Coach Pham Minh Duc: 'Cong Phuong is much more dangerous than Anh Duc'

Author: Amelia
10:00 | 20/07/2020

Recently, Hong Linh Ha Tinh coach- Mr. Pham Minh Duc has evaluated the new contract of HAGL with striker Nguyen Anh Duc.

Recently, the whole V-League was surprised when HAGL suddenly announced a contract with player Nguyen Anh Duc. Accordingly, the former Vietnam striker will start playing for HAGL in the 11th round of the V-League 2020 and lasts until the end of the season.

The addition of Anh Duc at this time is a very correct decision of the HAGL team leaders. In the past few rounds, HAGL striker Chevaughn constantly missed the opportunities and was unable to convert to goals.

Anh Duc is a necessary addition for HAGL at the moment
Anh Duc is a necessary addition for HAGL at the moment

Coach Lee Tae Hoon needs a solution to improve this and Anh Duc is the right choice. He is a V-League monument, with more than 100 goals in 13 years at Becamex Binh Duong. Former Vietnam striker won the 2017 V-League scorer title.

However, according to coach Pham Minh Duc, if he had to choose between Anh Duc and Cong Phuong at the present time, he will surely bring the Nghe An-born striker back to HAGL. Explaining this decision, the coach of Hong Linh Ha Tinh said:

"Anh Duc is a good striker. He has more wisdom than young players, is one of the very good strikers. But Anh Duc can only work in the penalty area because he is old, he cannot play widely. In return, Anh Duc knows how to choose his position and finish the goal wisely.

Cong Phuong is playing with high form at the HCMC Club
Cong Phuong is playing with high form at the HCMC Club

Meanwhile, Phuong Phuong kicks very well, suitable for Ho Chi Minh City play style. Coach Chung Hae-seong changed Cong Phuong to play collectively and had a better mindset to help him improve. In my personal opinion, this time Cong Phuong coming back to HAGL is still a good thing. In Ho Chi Minh City, Cong Phuong has changed a lot, knowing when to solo, play one touch or move without a ball.

If comparing the two players, I still think that Cong Phuong's performance must be much better than Anh Duc. Duc is only good at playing in the restricted area to catch the goal, unable to create mutations. Certainly Anh Duc can not compare with Cong Phuong at this time "- Coach Pham Minh Duc shared.

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