Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem confirms the future of Doan Van Hau

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 06/05/2020

Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem said Hanoi FC has no plan to call Doan Van Hau back in the near future.

On the afternoon of 5/5, Hanoi FC continued to practice to prepare for the return of domestic leagues. A very big problem that coach Chu Dinh Nghiem faces at the moment is the crisis in the defense. In addition to Duy Manh and Dinh Trong, who have to take a long-term leave of absence, the Capital team has three other injuried players, Dang Van Toi, Dinh Tien Thanh and Bui Hoang Viet Anh.

Coach Chu Dinh Nghiem shared with the media: "At the moment, only Thanh Chung is the main player who played last season. The three injured players need at least a week to come back.”

The defense of Hanoi FC is in crisis
The defense of Hanoi FC is in crisis

In the context of Hanoi FC having many difficulties, fans are thinking that the defending champion will call Doan Van Hau back. Although Van Hau is unable to play the first leg of the V-League 2020, the 21-year-old player will be an important addition in the second leg.

However, coach Chu Dinh Nghiem denied this information: “Van Hau ‘s return depends on the agreement of the leaders of the two sides. We create conditions for Van Hau to have the opportunity to expperience in the good environment like in Europe. At this time, Hanoi club leader has no plan to call Van Hau back.

We have backup and alternative options. However, to have a solid defense, each individual needs to really understand the team and need a lot of time to do that. In the near future, we hope other players like Thanh Chung or Dau Van Toan will not suffer injuries. "

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