Duy Manh takes rehabilitation at PVF center

Author: Amelia
10:00 | 06/04/2020

Center-back Do Duy Manh went through the Covid-19 test before practicing at PVF Young Training Center.

As some information has been given previously, defender Do Duy Manh will be at PVF Young Training Center to practice recovering a ligament injury.

One of the conditions required by this center is that Duy Manh must have Covid-19 test. This is the test and procedure required for Duy Manh to be allowed to practice here.

After being sampled for testing, Duy Manh's results were negative. This is good news when the disease situation is complicated now, especially in Hanoi, where Duy Manh is living with the highest number of people with Covid-19 in the country.

Test results indicate that Duy Manh is negative for Covid-19
Test results indicate that Duy Manh is negative for Covid-19

Although having completed the entry procedures, it is not clear when Duy Manh was at PVF training to recover injuries. He had previously had surgery in Singapore and was expectec with 9-10 months of recovery.

The surgery was a success, but it was necessary to closely monitor in the first 2 months whether the new ligament harmonizes with Duy Manh's knee or not. Especially Duy Manh suffered from multiple injuries, so he must be more careful.

Currently at PVF, there are Huy Hung, Thanh Thinh and Xuan Truong practicing rehabilitation here.

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