Quang Hai spoke out about his health after two consecutive absences

Author: Nick Cassidy
12:00 | 13/07/2020

After 2 consecutive matches, Quang Hai has reassured fans about his physical condition after the match with SHB Da Nang.

In the two matches of Hanoi FC in the V-League arena against Saigon and Viettel clubs, Quang Hai did not participate and the midfielder had to stop playing for different reasons. Recently, midfielder Quang Hai was coached by coach Chu Dinh Nghiem from the bench when the Hanoi club had a visit to play against SHB Da Nang players in the 9th round.

hanoi fc vs shb da nang, v league 2020 round 9

But the capital team still could not get the victory on the pitch of SHB Da Nang even though the team was more competitive. Talking about his physical condition, the star said: "Currently, I have just got a sick. I feel my body is gradually stabilizing. And I am sure that my fitness is ready to play. "

Quang Hai is ready to play for Hanoi Club
Quang Hai is ready to play for Hanoi Club

Quang Hai also did not show too much regret when the Hanoi Club could not achieve the goal of winning 3 points completely. The 23-year-old midfielder continued: "An away draw is not so bad. It is important that the whole team keep the focus for the next game."

"I think the past rounds have not proved anything yet. Hanoi needs to focus on the next match. No one wants the undesired results," Quang Hai concluded. Having only 1 point in this match, Hanoi FC still stands at 8th place, following Da Nang.

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