How many points does Quang Hai and Trong Hoang less than Hung Dung in the 2019 Golden Ball race?

Author: Amelia
09:16 | 27/05/2020

Do Hung Dung winning the Vietnam Golden Ball 2019 is what many people predicted earlier. The distance of the votes with Quang Hai proved how he deserves this title.

Do Hung Dung is the owner of the Vietnam Golden Ball Award 2019 in a very worthy way. Quang Hai and Trong Hoang respectively won the Silver Ball and the Bronze Ball. This is a worthy recognition for the pillar of Vietnam after a great success 2019.

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The midfielder Do Hung Dung winning the prize that was predicted by the media. However, the difference in points between him and Quang Hai and Trong Hoang is what surprised fans.

Specifically, Do Hung Dung received a total of 428 points while Nguyen Quang Hai had 310 points and Trong Hoang with 154 points. The distance between the Golden Ball and the Silver Ball is up to 118 points, a huge difference.

Differing from men's football, Vietnamese women's team captain Huynh Nhu won Golden Ball with 370 points, only 20 points better than center-back Chuong Thi Kieu. Tuyet Dung’s Bronze Ball had 206 votes.

The difference in Golden Ball of Futsal is even smaller, Tran Van Vu (261 points) is only 8 points better than Silver Ball Nguyen Minh Tri (253 points). Meanwhile Pham Duc Hoa finished third with 161 points.


Title scores:

Men’s Golden Balll

Golden ball: Do Hung Dung (Hanoi 428 points)

Silver ball: Nguyen Quang Hai (Hanoi FC, 310 points)

Bronze ball: Nguyen Trong Hoang (Viettel, 154 points)

Women's Golden Ball

Golden ball: Huynh Nhu (370 points)

Silver ball: Chuong Thi Kieu (350 points)

Bronze ball: Nguyen Thi Tuyet Dung (206 points)

Futsal's Golden Ball  

Golden ball: Tran Van Vu (261 points)

Silver ball: Nguyen Minh Tri (253 points)

Bronze ball: Pham Duc Hoa (176 points)

Men’s Young Player of the Year: Doan Van Hau (125 votes)

Women’s Young Player of the Year: Nguyen Thi Tuyet Ngan (126 votes)

Foreign Player of The Year: Pape Omar Faye (149 votes

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