Hanoi FC to open an English class for the players

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 29/04/2020

After the launch of a young leadership team at the beginning of the 2020 season, Hanoi FC is showing positive features in raising the team to an professional team.

Besides professional development, building a media image and business, Hanoi FC also prepares the future for players.

Specifically, in the near future, Hanoi FC will open English classes for players at the headquarters of the team. In addition to helping the players improve their English, communicate well with foreign players on the field, this is also a necessary equipment for Quang Hai and his teammates to be more confident if going abroad to play.


“English skills not only serves football, but also the story of a lifetime later. In the near future, the Hanoi Club will open an English class for the players, one evening a week. So the team has caculated for the players’ future, equipping each player with knowledge after retirement, ”midfielder Duc Huy revealed.

In fact, last time when the tournament was postponed because of Covid-19, some players of Hanoi FC such as Quang Hai, Van Quyet, Hung Dung ... also began to hire English tutors.  All show the seriousness and hard work in "studying" to be able to confidently communicate when going abroad to play.

“This is a valuable time for me to learn English. It will be a good preparation for us to communicate confidently when traveling abroad, ” shared Hung Dung.

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