Doan Van Hau comes back to Vietnam in three weeks?

Author: Sirathom Chatchai
19:00 | 08/06/2020

On his personal page, Doan Van Hau joked with Ha Duc Chinh that in 3 weeks he will return to Vietnam to play.

With only 3 weeks left, the loan contract between Hanoi Club and Heerenveen Club will end. The Dutch team sent an offer 1 month ago but the defending champions of V-League was still unable to arrange a negotiation time.

Van hau training in Heerenveen
Van hau training in Heerenveen

This made people worry about the future of Doan Van Hau. For more than a month, the defender was still actively training with his teammates at Heerenveen although the Eredivisie 2019-2020 season has ended.

Recently in a personal facebook post, Van Hau accidentally revealed that he will return to Vietnam in 3 weeks. In particular, Heerenveen's defender shared the training image on his personal page. The article quickly attracted a huge amount of interaction of fans.

Striker Ha Duc Chinh also commented: "Come back to Vietnam to play". The 21-year-old player replied: "Just wait for three more weeks, now I'm practicing.” The conversation of the 2 players made the fans worried Van Hau's journey at Heerenveen would end after June 30, others confirmed that this was just a joke of the Thai Binh-born defender.

The contract’s expiration date is near but the Hanoi Club has yet to show a move regarding the future of Doan Van Hau. If the Capital team and Heerenveen club do not discuss soon, the prospect of Van Hau coming back to Vietnam in 3 weeks may not be a joke.

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