Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh on the bench, HAGL left Hai Phong with an acceptable result

Author: Amelia
19:30 | 29/06/2020

HAGL can temporarily satisfied when leaving Lach Tray yard with 1 point when the game was too tight.

As a guest on the Lach Tray yard in Hai Phong, where there are many bad memories with Tuan Anh or HAGL, coach Lee Tae Hoon decided to take the captain on the bench. The position Tuan Anh left was not undertaken by Xuan Truong.

This makes the middle line of HAGL somewhat inferior to the strong midfield of Hai Phong. In this match, the Korean army pushed Kelly and Van Thanh up quite high. This is not their forte so the final decision situations are not good. HAGL still has to rely on the mutant capabilities of Van Toan and Chevaughn Walsh.

Meanwhile, Hai Phong relies heavily on the strikers Mpande and Claudecir, and winger Van Trung or The Duong also support relatively well. However, the first half almost had no chance really dangerous, the most notable is probably the long shot of Chevaughn Walsh and Van Toan's solo phase.

Van Toan continued to stun in this match
Van Toan continued to stun in this match

Entering the second half, the match is still a balance. Attacking situations of the two teams are relatively disjointed. Therefore, both HAGL and Hai Phong have to rely on set pieces. But the caution of both Buu Ngoc and Van Luan denied such opportunities.

The game drifted to the last minutes, the hope of Xuan Truong was launched into the field. That little time is not enough for the Tuyen Quang player to shine like the way he did 2 years ago.

The final score is 0-0 and HAGL has yet to win any away games this season. And Hai Phong, Lach Tray yard is still a good land for coach Pham Anh Tuan’s side.​

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