Who to replace Park Hang-seo to manage Vietnam NT in the friendly with Iraq?

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 13/02/2020

The Asian Football Federation (AFC) has just issued a punishment for coach Park Hang-seo for a red card in the final of the SEA Games 30 between Vietnam U22 and Indonesia U22.

The Korean strategist will have to pay $ 5,000 as well as be suspended to lead the upcoming 4 friendly matches of Vietnam NT. The official matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers will not be affected.

This penalty means that Coach Park Hang-seo will not be able to manage Vietnam NT in the friendly match against Iraq on March 26. It is most likely that assistant coach Lee Young Jin will replace him.

Park fined by AFC after the red card in SEA Games 30

Lee Young Jin is the strong right hand of   Park in Vietnam. The language assistant Le Huy Khoa, used to share that almost all professional issues are discussed with Mr. Lee. Both coaches form a strong duo that bring the success of Vietnamese football during the past 2 years. Therefore, Mr. Lee is fully capable to temporarily lead Vietnam during the time Coach Park practices the sentence.

In the past, Coach Lee had replaced Park many time, notably in the final against Indonesia U22, after Mr. Park was invited to the stands, the main direction of U22 Vietnam was given to Mr. Lee. After that, the Korean assistant was also the representative at the press conference.

Coach Park Hang Seo and assistant Lee Young Jin are a perfect match in Vietnamese football

In early 2019, when planning to prepare for the 30th SEA Games,   Park also proposed the idea of ​​assigning the U22 team to his assistant to lead. However, after realizing the importance of the men's football gold medal at this tournament, Mr. Park decided he would take charge of himself. As a result, he has done what he set out from the beginning.

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