Van Hau voices his wish with Heerenveen FC

Author: Preeda Apsara
12:30 | 30/06/2020

On the last day of the contract, Doan Van Hau voiced his wish that Hanoi and Heerenveen would negotiate successfully.

Doan Van Hau's contract with Heerenveen expires on June 30, 2020. The Dutch team remained silent, while Hanoi FC decided to make concessions when announcing partner support to pay Van Hau.

As soon as receiving the announcement from the managing club, Doan Van Hau voiced his hope that the two teams soon reach the agreement. "I have never given up my desire to play in Europe.

Van Hau still hopes to stay in Heerenveen.
Van Hau still hopes to stay in Heerenveen.

I really hope the two clubs will reach an agreement with the great support of Hanoi team. I am very grateful to the governing team for always creating conditions for me to satisfy my big dream "- Van Hau shared on Thanh Nien.

Hanoi Club announces that it will find a trade partner or pay money to support SC Heerenveen to pay Van Hau. On average, Thai Binh player receives 217,000 euros a year.

However, the condition that Bau Hien set forth is that SC Heerenveen must contain Van Hau for professional factors, not for other factors (fans, commercial matter ...), Hanoi will immediately bring this young player to Vietnam.

Hanoi Club announced: "Hanoi FC is ready to accompany and provide economic support with SC Heerenveen to keep Van Hau in the Netherlands if the partner appreciates the professional ability of the player. If not, Van Hau will return to Vietnam ".

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