Van Hau absent in the latest training of SC Heerenveen

Author: Paithoon Bundarik
14:00 | 12/05/2020

SC Heerenveen Club had the first training session yesterday after a long break due to Covid 19.

After a long time of quarantine, SC Heerenveen Club officially returned to practice.

However, due to concerns about the epidemic, only some players appeared during this training session including the pillars Sherel Floranus, Jordy Bruijn, Joey Veerman and Runar Espejord. Vietnamese defender Doan Van Hau did not participate in this training session.

 heerenveen van hau

Back after a long time away from the pitch, the players and coach Johnny Jansen could not hide the joy on their face. SC Heerenveen's training session was filled with laughs and the joy of the players. The team coaches even create games that make the atmosphere more comfortable.

At the end of the training, midfielder Joey Veerman said: "It is great to be back in training. I really want to do this every day. Everything is so much better than sitting at home. Really fed up with that.”

In addition, coach Johnny Jansen said other SC Heerenveen players will be available at the club's headquarters soon, to enter the preparations for the next season from now on. The goal of SC Heerenveen next season will be to reach the top 6 strongest teams in the Dutch league and win tickets to the European Cup.

Some other images in the training

heerenveen doan van hau
heerenveen doan van hau
heerenveen doan van hau
heerenveen doan van hau
 heerenveen doan van hau

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