U23 Vietnam strongest lineup against U23 Jordan

Author: Amelia
10:21 | 13/01/2020

With the goal to gain three points from Jordan, Park Hang-seo will give out the strongest squad.

With only 1 point from the opening match, U23 Vietnam must gain 3 points from Jordan in the second match so they are able to get more chance to advance to the next round. Thereby, Park will bring out the best squad.

Bui Tien Dung will be the no.1 option for the Korean strategist.

Goalkeeper of  Ho Chi Minh played very well against the U23 UAE, excellently blocking the dangerous shots of UAE players. Above all, Bui Tien Dung's international experience is much better than his two teammates, Van Toan and Y Eli Nie.

Dinh Trong is ready to start the match against Jordan U23

In the center-back position, with quite a good performance in more than 35 minutes in the match against U23 UAE, Dinh Trong is likely to return to the starting lineup of U23 Vietnam. Thanh Chung and Tan Sinh will play alongisde Dinh Trong.

Although playing in a poor style in the opening match, Tan Sinh is still a reliable barrier in the defense of U23 Vietnam.

The right wing of U23 Vietnam will welcome the return of Ho Tan Tai who was suspended for the first match against U23 UAE. His replacement Bui Hoang Viet Anh did not perform well in the last match.

On the left, Do Thanh Thinh is still a choice that assure the Korean strategist with the ability to attack and defend.

In the center of the midfield, Duc Chien will still be the player assigned to intercept for U23 Vietnam, the toughness and the fire of Duc Chien will be essential agaisnt Jordan’s powerful style.

Ho Tan Tai will also return after the suspension

Playing highest in the midfield will be Quang Hai and Hoang Duc. These are two players who can create mutations in the U23 squad of Vietnam. Both tend to move wide to attract and stretch the opponent's defense, and create more space for the strikers above.

The attacking leader of U23 Vietnam will still be the duo Tien Linh - Duc Chinh. The pair of strikers still showed good coordination like at SEA Games 30 or in the match against UAE U23. Just a little more assertive in the final stages, Tien Linh and Duc Chinh will bring something different to U23 Vietnam in the upcoming match.

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