U23 Thailand in difficulties ahead of the mortal combat against U23 Iraq

Author: Amelia
11:45 | 13/01/2020

U23 Thailand is facing many challenges ahead of the match with Iraq in the final match of group stage in AFC U23 Championship 2020 finals.

U23 Thailand had a good start with a 5-0 win over bahrain in the opener of AFC U23 Championship 2020 final, However, Changsuek was beated 1-2 by Australia after that.

The defeat pushes Changsuek to the high risk of disqualification as they will take on Iraq in the final match of the group. Facing the stronger opponent, Nishino also faces numerous difficulties since two key players Supachai and Suphanat.

Suphanat is the number one scorer of U23 Thailand, in AFC u23 Championship 2020 finals.

Suphanat relapsed knee injury in the match with Autraslia. The 18-year-old was replaced in the 64th minute of the match, which he was supported by two doctors to leave the pitch.

Earlier, Supachai jaded hobbling leaved the field in the 63rd minute. The chance for both players is unclear but they didn’t join the training session on Jan 12 with their team.

After two first matches, U23 Thailand is ranked second with three points. They will take on Iraq in the last match to decide the ticket to the quarter finals.

U23 Thailand will take on U23 Iraq on Jan 14 on Rajamangala.

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