U23 South Korea dissatisfied with his players’ performance despite the win

Author: Amelia
16:00 | 20/01/2020

U23 South Korea proved dissatisfied with the team’s performance in the second half of the win over Jordan.

South Korea won U23 Jordan on Sunday in the third quarter finals of AFC U23 Championship 2020.  Despite controlling the game, it was not until the last minutes that Lee Dong Gyeong got a free kick which helped Kim Hak Beom's team win.

Speaking after the match, Kim Hak Beom said he was happy to win but dissatisfied with his players’ performance in the second half.

“This is really a very dramatic and difficult match for the Korean U23. However, my players did not give up and win. That's what I feel very happy.

However, the performance in the second half of the Korean U23 made me unhappy. Throughout the tournament, South Korea U23 always lost focus in the second half despite the first half playing overwhelming opponents. The players were stuck in finding the way to the opponent's net. This is something we need to improve in the upcoming matches ".

Winning the semi-finals, U23 South Korea will face U23 Australia. Coach Kim Hak Beom also made assessments about the upcoming opponent: "Before attending the U23 tournament, Korea and Australia had a friendly match in Malaysia. Therefore, the two teams It is not strange and we know each other very well. Surely the upcoming match will be very interesting. "

The semi-final between Korea U23 vs U23 Australia will take place at 8:15pm on January 22. The winner of this match will win tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Both Korea U23 and U23 Australia will certainly play with more than 100% capacity to achieve this goal in the upcoming match.

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