U23 North Korea coach: I am not surprised by Vietnam’s elimination

Author: Amelia
14:00 | 17/01/2020

Ri Yu-il shared his thought after winning over Vietnam in the last match of AFC U23 Championship 2020.

U23 Vietnam was thrashed 1-2 by North Korea despite their early opening goal. However, the defense’s mistake, especially from Tien Dung, made U23 Vietnam lost biterly in this match.

The loss to North Korea has pushed Vietnam to crash out of the tournament while North Korea has their first three points and pass Vietnam on the table.

“I think both teams played well today. U23 North Korea has prepared will before the match. We deserve this win. I am greatful to the coaching team. My goal is to build a team, create understanding and cooperation, achieving the goals that I have set. And we have achieved some of that goals."

Regarding U23 Korea’s first goal after the mistake of goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung, coach Ri Yu-il said: "As I said, there is no weak or strong team in this tournament. Any mistake can be made. We have to prepare to deal with what can happen. Today, I am happy that my players make no mistakes and win."

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Assessing whether U23 Vietnam could not pass the group stage, coach Ri Yu-il said: "I think the teams participating in the tournament are very strong and understand each other quite well. We are not too surprised because in football everything can happen.

Before the match, I analyzed that Vietnam is a good offensive team that can create many opportunities. So we try to focus on defending and organizing counter-attacks. Victory belongs to the team with fewer mistakes. Vietnam 's mistake is an important factor that helps us win the match. "

Thus, the AFC U23 Championship 2020 has officially closed to Vietnam. The entire U23 team of Vietnam will return home today.

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