U23 Jordan: A draw is also acceptable

Author: Amelia
15:00 | 16/01/2020

U23 Jordan coach Ahmed Abu Ismail is determined and optimistic about the last match against UAE.

In the last match against UAE, Jordan must win 3 points to move on as they are shaing the same points with UAE but smaller in goal difference.

However, Jordan also can avoid a goalless draw to advance to the next round with UAE.

“In such an important tournament like this, you cant look forward to a draw. The game changes every nimue, that is the fact and we must play for a win. But if the match ends up with a draw, it is acceptable,” Ahmed Ismail told the Al Ghad.

Ismail said that a draw is acceptable.

Jordan will not have the service of Al Taamari as APOEL FC doesn’t release its player.

“There is no doubt that the absence of an important player will affect the whole team’s play style, especially the attack. However, we are a team and have another good players,” added Jordan coach.

Meanwhile, UAE coach Maciej Skorza said he was focusing on the process of physical rehabilitation for the players. The match between UAE and Jordan will take place at 8:15PM today 16/1 at Chang Arena Stadium.

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