Two super free kicks in the internal match of U22 Vietnam

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 25/08/2020

In the internal match of the U22 Vietnam team, Dang Van Lam made a beautiful free kick to open the score.

Park Hang-seo continues to organize the U22 Vietnam team to play internally in the afternoon of August 24. 47 players of U22 Vietnam are divided into 4 teams to organize 2 internal practice matches, each match lasts 30 minutes and has 15 minutes break, the first match takes place from 5:00pm.

The red team had the appearance of Dang Van Lam, this player who scored the opening goal in the 10th minute from a very nice free kick. In the first half, Van Lam and his teammates were better performers. They play pressing and create some ball phases that can be converted into goals.

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A remarkable situation in the last minutes was a foul by Hoang Duy right in front of the penalty area. The referee drew a red card with midfielder No. 6, but because this was a friendly match, assistant Lee Young Jin allowed Hoang Duy to continue playing. The teams went for the halftime break at 0-1.

Entering the second half, the yellow team played better and got an equalizer over the 11m mark. They also got a goal to increase the score to 2-1 from a fixed ball phase. Doan Thanh Truong has a beautiful and classy free kick that is not inferior to Dang Van Lam in the first half. It took 70 minutes for the red team to equalize 2-2. This is also the final score of this match.

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