The UAE is relieved by the AFC's decision

Author: Amelia
10:39 | 17/08/2020

The AFC's decision to postpone the 2022 World Cup qualifiers to 2021 is good news for the UAE team.

As previously reported, the Asian Football Federation (AFC) has recently decided to reschedule the 2022 World Cup qualifying match in Asia to 2021. This makes all plans of Park Hang-seo to be turned upside down.

Meanwhile, competitors in the same group of Vietnam benefited from this decision, including the UAE. The West Asian team has just appointed Mr. Jorge Luis Pinto as head coach. So they need a lot of time for the Colombian strategist to build the team in the best way.

The UAE football team leader, Mr. Mohamed Obaid Hammad, told the media: I hope the team's plans will continue, even though the World Cup qualifiers have stopped.

The UAE is actively training in Serbia
The UAE is actively training in Serbia

Coach Pinto will have time to select players, especially rookies who are present in the current training team. The players have performed well over the past time, they are always very hard working on the training ground. I always see their sense of responsibility, even though they don't have to do international missions in the short term.

Currently, coach Pinto and 28 newly called players are training in the Serbian capital Belgrade. The West Asian team's European training session will end on August 25.

It is known that the 67-year-old Colombian strategist has set up a thorough plan for the training session in Serbia, including tactical lectures, analyzing the opponent's gameplay and will arrange some friendly matches with clubs in this country.

Currently, the UAE is ranked 4th in Group G with 6 points. They are 5 points behind Vietnam, but play less than 1 match. To be sure to win the ticket to the next round, the West Asian team will have to be determined to win all 12 points in the remaining 4 matches.

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