The President of Ho Chi Minh City Club annoyed with VFF's penalties

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 21/08/2020

Both the penalty for the language assistant Yang Jaemo and the referee team on duty in the match in Ho Chi Minh City vs Hanoi made President Nguyen Huu Thang feel annoyed.

Returning with coach Chung Hae-seong to continue working at the HCMC club, language assistant Yang Jaemo was fined 10 million VND by the VFF Disciplinary Committee and banned for the next 2 games. This is a penalty for improper behavior with the Head of Arbitration Board Duong Van Hien.

Chairman Nguyen Huu Thang said: “The VFF penalty has no basis to convince others because it does not rely on the referee's minutes or supervisors’. According to the law, the referee has the right to withdraw the card before, during and after the game if there is an inappropriate behavior or words ”.

Also related to this match, the VFF sentenced the referee team, including referee Tran Van Trong, 2 assistants Cao Thanh Tu - Le Xuan Hung and referee Nguyen Ngoc Chau. A VFF official said these referees may not be on duty in the remaining matches of the V-League phase 2.

The referee in this match made a number of wrong decisions
The referee in this match made a number of wrong decisions

The penalty of the referee team on duty in the HCMC - Hanoi match is not convincing footballers. Blame teams like Nam Dinh for frustration. The referee was seriously wrong, seriously affecting the result of the match, after finishing such a penalty, it was not satisfactory to let things go like that.

Chairman Nguyen Huu Thang affirmed that the Ho Chi Minh City Club will make an appeal. Recently, VFF and VPF also offer a plan for the V-League to return as soon as October 3.

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