The No. 1 striker of the U22 Vietnam team was revealed?

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 19/08/2020

Calling up 9 strikers in the U22 Vietnam callup this time, the name that most impressed Park Hang-seo is Nham Manh Dung.

On the afternoon of August 18, the U22 Vietnam team entered the first training session in the preliminary preparation for the 31st SEA Games. The whole team encountered many difficulties due to the pouring rain at the Football Training Center. young Vietnamese PVF.

This is a gathering with a record number of people, up to 47 players, most of which are new faces that were first summoned to the U22 team in Vietnam. This is the gathering phase for Park Hang-seo to conduct a preliminary check and assessment to find the right names for the 31st SEA Games campaign, as well as the 2022 Asian U23 qualifying round.

One of the players who most impressed Park Hang-seo is Nham Manh Dung. Viettel striker was in the payroll of U23 Vietnam to attend the U23 Asian Championship 2020 at the beginning of the year. The Korean coach highly appreciated the change of Nham Manh Dung after only a few months.

Park Hang-seo said: "Nham Manh Dung is now quite different from what I saw from him in the previous gatherings. In previous times, Manh Dung often hurts so he can't show off. At the moment, he is in good shape but still lacks experience in the game and will have to work harder.”

Nham Manh Dung has an impressive height and good aerial combat ability
Nham Manh Dung has an impressive height and good aerial combat ability

The position of the striker always makes Park Hang-seo feel a headache, not only in the U22 team but also in the national team, because the Vietnamese strikers have very little land in the V-League arena. Most players have to sit on the bench, or just play in less important arenas than the Cup.

With Nham Manh Dung, the player has a relatively ideal shape. The player from Thai Binh has a good ability to have pressure and independence to fight on attack, especially in aerial situations. He also won the title of top scorer in the U17 National Championship - Thai Son Nam Cup 2017.

However, compared to seniors like Duc Chinh or Tien Linh, the 20-year-old striker is still inexperienced and mischievous due to less ability to play in the V-League. Park Hang Seo will need more time to "mold" Nham Manh Dung to become an assassin on the attack of U22 Vietnam. Thankfully, the Korean strategist will have plenty of time to get his job done.

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