Thai press: ‘U23 Vietnam showed disappointing performance’

Author: Amelia
12:00 | 17/01/2020

The Siam Sports of Thailand stated that Vietnam was too ‘disappointing’ in the match of U23 Vietnam vs U23 North Korea.

Vietnam showed disappointing performance since they are beaten 1-2 by North Korea, causing the 2018 runner-up to crash out of  the tournament. Then give the opportunity for UAE and Jordan to the quarter finals.

"The last two matches of group D were held yesterdayat Rajamangala Stadium. Park Hang-seo fielded three attacking players Tien Dinh, Duc Chinh and Quang hai. Vietnam soon had the opening goal by Tien Linh set up by Ho Tan Tai. However, North Korea equalized in the 27th minute. As Tien Dung made mistake," Siam Sport wrote.

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"In the second half, Vietnam played higher on the attack with deployong long shoots. Finally, U23 North Korea counterattacked and scored a penalty U23 Vietnam was defeated 1-2. Unfortunately, Dinh Trong was booked a red card. U23 Vietnam officially crashes out of the tournament.”

Even when U23 Vietnam defeated U23 Korea, they could not win the right to move on because U23 UAE and U23 Jordan drew 1-1.

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Thus, 8 teams participating in the quarterfinals of U23 Asia 2020 have been identified. Jordan U23 team is ranked second in Group D and will face South Korea U23.

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