Special reason preventing  Van Hau from staying in Heerenveen

Author: Preeda Apsara
11:30 | 29/06/2020

The failure to find sponsors is greatly affecting the chances of Van Hau's stay.

Van Hau came to Heerenveen on loan from Hanoi FC. Because he is a non-EU player, Van Hau receives a minimum salary of 450,000 Euro according to UEFA regulations.

Despite being a talented defender of Vietnamese football, in the European environment, Van Hau cannot be a bright star, so it is unreasonable for Heerenveen to pay a large amount of money for Van Hau. Many sources at the time revealed that Heerenveen was supported by the sponsor's salary.

It was even more clear when recently, Technical Director Gerry Hamstra shared financial difficulties that made Heerenveen itself unable to pay the salary to Van Hau. Heerenveen wanting to keep Van Hau is real.

Although not playing regularly, Van Hau shows a certain progress
Although not playing regularly, Van Hau shows a certain progress

Since the transfer market opened in June, many players’ contract expiring were told not to be signed. However, in the case of Van Hau, this team did not show anything about Heerenveen's hesitation with the Vietnamese player.

Financial difficulties are preventing this deal and according to the General Director of T&T Sports Joint Stock Company Vo Le Trung, Heerenveen will give the final answer on June 28.

At this time, players had 3 weeks before returning in mid-July. If Van Hau is not signed,  Van Hau will return to Hanoi FC and play football in V-League 2020 in the second phase.

Since moving to a professional European football environment, Van Hau has made certain physical progress. Continuous collision with top players, certainly Van Hau's qualification will be greatly improved. Therefore, he always keeps his ambition to stay in Heerenveen to develop more.

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