Saigon coach denied a close relationship with Hanoi FC president

Author: Preeda Apsara
09:30 | 01/07/2020

Speaking after the win over Hanoi FC, coach Vu Tien Thanh said that Saigon was no longer related to Mr. Do Quang Hien.

VIDEO: Highlights Hanoi 0-1 Saigon (Round 7 V-League 2020)

This is a long-lasting question in the Vietnam football. However, only when Saigon defeated Hanoi in this round 7 did many people shed that doubt. In the press conference after the match, coach Vu Tien Thanh reaffirmed:

"Not having to win this game proves that we have not been like that for a long time now. This team is having another manager. They share the burden with Mr. Hien to develop Vietnamese football. I am the one chosen to lead the team ".

Saigon is performing a makeover this season, winning over Hanoi is the second time they have enjoyed the past 3 years of confrontation. However, Mr. Thanh was not too surprised with today's results.

"I don't see any surprises here. We won against Ho Chi Minh City and now Hanoi is not surprised. We have prepared very well, only Hanoi plays very well so this game is tougher than the victory over Ho Chi Minh City. Despite the lack of pillars, Hanoi is still very strong. "

Coach Vu Tien Thanh calm after the game
Coach Vu Tien Thanh calm after the game

Leading Saigon to play high form but coach Tien Thanh confirmed this is only a temporary solution.

"A lot of people ask me if I will be a long-term coach. When I first took the team and brought it to the new coach, Saigon could not have 13 points as now because I understand the players the most. When I meet the players, I have pointed out each person's strengths and weaknesses.

Then the team will have a new coach but not now. This is a fierce period, so it is necessary to build a team with an identity, the new coach will not understand clearly, it will be very dangerous, " Mr. Thanh said.

Finally, Tien Thanh rejected the criticism of Saigon's negative play style. For current squad, Saigon can not kick beautifully. He promised to create a more attractive kick when he reached the top 8.

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