Park Hang-seo: ‘U23 Vietnam is facing many disadvantages’

Author: Amelia
13:30 | 14/01/2020

In the post-match press conference, Park Hang-seo stressed that U23 Vietnam will do its best despite U23 UAE and Jordan having more advantages.

"Before this game, UAE won against North Korea, so Vietnam were under pressure of having to beat Jordan. We had a chance but only got one point. And one point is acceptable. My players tried their best," Park said.

He noted Vietnam has to win the next game against North Korea.

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"Vietnam are in a (tough) situation, but we have to deal with it. In the last game on Thursday, we have to fully focus on facing North Korea."

Park also pointed out the problems that the offense was having, failing to score in two games.

"We are good at holding possession and have a good offensive system, but we haven’t scored a goal yet. I think the problem is in the finishing, when my players are hesitating to make a decision," he said.

In the final match, U23 Vietnam needs a victory over U23 Korea and waits for the results of the U23 UAE vs U23 Jordan match. My players and I will do our best. "

We have lost the self-determiantion, but the opportunity remains and let's wait for the miracle.

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