Park Hang-seo to scout 'Duy Manh's replacement'

Author: Amelia
14:28 | 12/06/2020

Park Hang-seo will have a trip to Thanh Hoa to attend the home team match with SLNA in round 4 V-League 2020.

Park Hang-seo was present at Hang Day yard to watch the match between Viettel and Than Quang Ninh. Quite a lot of faces made Mr. Park satisfied as Hai Long or Khac Ngoc.

Mr. Park will come to Thanh Hoa to attend this team's match with SLNA. The problems on the front line and the defense of Vietnam give Park a reason to see the encounter between the two neighbors.

In the SLNA squad, it was a pity that captain Hoang Van Khanh could not play. However, Ho Tuan Tai will be a remarkable face. He is a quick striker with a good technique and the ability to choose impressive positions. Mr. Park still wants to observe more to make assessments on Tan Tai.

In addition, midfielder Van Lam, 21, also received attention. The departure of Ho Khac Ngoc facilitated Van Lam a place in the starting lineup. This is also a goal worth Mr. Park's attention.

However, the player that many people think Mr. Park wants to watch the most is Le Van Dai. In the 2022 World Cup qualifier before the match against Thailand, Van Dai impressed and knocked Huu Tuan (HCMC) on the official list.

However, Mr. Park still had a good relationship with Duy Manh-Ngoc Hai-Tien Dung. However, Duy Manh’s injury, Dinh Trong’s absence make Park to look for an alternative. Similar to Duy Manh, Van Dai played aggressively and was not afraid to collide. His ability to pass the ball to launch his attack is also quite good.

If playing well in the next match, it is likely that Van Dai will make a preliminary list in the September call-up. The match between Thanh Hoa and SLNA will take place at 5:00pm, this is the debut of new coach Nguyen Thanh Cong after this team parted ways with Fabio Lopez.

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