Park Hang-seo prepares 100 players for Vietnam

Author: Nick Cassidy
18:00 | 13/07/2020

Park Hang-seo shared that he is watching about 100 players through each round in the V-League to choose for Vietnam national team.

One of the most important tasks of Coach Park Hang-seo in 2020 is to renew the Vietnamese team. Coach Park Hang-seo said: “I have 100 players to choose and I cannot talk about new names yet. I and my assistants are still watching these players through each round and are not in a hurry to conclude who will deserve the upcoming opportunity.

I do not understand why I have not published the list but many have mentioned new names to be added such as midfielder Hai Huy and Khac Ngoc. Maybe they said that based on the picture of my tactical board during a meeting. But I'm not that naive and exposed. They are just players on the list of 100 players that I will check and select ”.

The Korean strategist confirmed that he is not worried in midfield because Vietnam has many good midfielders. However, the central position still gives Mr. Park a headache because most V-League clubs use foreign strikers.

Tien Linh is a rare domestic striker who started the V-League
Tien Linh is a rare domestic striker who started the V-League

“Vietnam has a lot of quality midfielders so I am not worried but I wam worried about strikers. V-League only uses foreign footballers, how do I choose a new player to complement the Vietnamese team?

According to my statistics, V-League has 47 foreign players and 80% are strikers,” Mr. Park continued.

The 61-year-old military leader urged VFF and VPF to re-examine the situation of clubs using foreign strikers and long ball play, while the identity of Vietnamese football is short and moving. He emphasized the current situation, not to call clubs not to use foreign strikers.

Since Anh Duc parted with the Vietnamese team, Park Hang-seo has only Tien Linh left as the most suitable striker. In addition, other players such as Cong Phuong, Ha Minh Tuan or Xuan Nam were also targeted by the Korean strategist.

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