OFFICIAL: Van Hau returns to Vietnam, no contract extended

Author: Sirathom Chatchai
16:46 | 10/07/2020

Hanoi club has announces defender Doan Van Hau will return to Vietnam to play after the contract expires with SC Heerenveen.

The homepage of Hanoi club has announced that defender Doan Van Hau will return to Vietnam after 1 year playing for Heerenveen.

Hanoi President Do Vinh Quang said: "Van Hau’s return will be a great support for the club when there is a shortage of players. We are always ready to listen to other suggestions and create maximum opportunities for Van Hau to play in European football, however, with the complicated situation of Covid-19 today, it is not easy.

In addition, AFF CUP will return by the end of the year, Van Hau will return to his home country to regain his form after a long time of non-playing due to the epidemic break, which will be a significant enhancement for the Vietnamese team ".

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The Hanoi club also said that over time, the team has actively connected with the expectation of negotiations to achieve appropriate results. However, the plan to use Van Hau professionally from the Dutch team has not convinced the Capital team.

In addition, the budget of the Dutch team is also an issue due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. In the end, the Hanoi Football Club decided to bring Doan Van Hau home and will create conditions for this player to play in the second phase of the V-League.

After a year abroad, Van Hau has improved significantly in physical conditioning. Although Van Hau did not get the first team, Van Hau often played in the reserve team. That helps this player experience, absorbing new tactics from European coaches.

It is expected that upon returning to the country, Van Hau will have to comply with the quarantine regulations before training and playing normally.

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