Nishino: Thailand will play attack and seek early goals against U23 Iraq

Author: Amelia
19:00 | 13/01/2020

U23 Thailand coach Akira Nishino will play attack and score goals early to lead the match against Iraq.

“We have the prepare as much as possible. Everyone realizes players’ strength in the previous match with U23 Australia.

U23 Thailand will seek an advantage by playing attack and score earlu goal,” Nishino stated.

After the thrashing to Australia, the Japanese coach also receive bad news on players’s absence.

“I let Suphanat and Supachai stay back in the hotel follow doctor’s advice, the other 21 players attend the training as normal.

At this time, we have analyzed and evaluate the opponent well,” said Nishino.

After two matches, U23 Thailand is eanked second with three points, following 1st Australia with 4 points. Iraq is in the thrid place after two draws.

The match between U23 Iraq and U23 Thailand tomorrow night will be crucial to the next ticket for each team.

Thailand U23 is more advantagous, as they only need a draw to officially participate in the quarterfinals. However, the physical strength and injuries of the pillars are a great concern for this strategist.

In the match against U23 Austrlaia, Nishino coach was a bit overconfident when he put the whole team of 11 starting slots against Bahrain from the beginning.

As a result, entering the second half, the team of the Golden Temple was exhausted clearly when most of the players could not run anymore and let the opponent come back bitterly.

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