Nguyen Quang Hai: U23 Vietnam will fight their best to win

Author: Amelia
09:22 | 16/01/2020

Speaking to the media during the training, U23 captain affirmed that the whole team will improve their play style and try to defeat North Korea in the last match.

After two goalless draws to UAE and Jordan, U23 Vietnam loses its self-determination to reach the quarter finals. To save the last chance, they must defeat North Korea and wait for other match result.

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North Korea was thrashed two consecutive matches and exposed their weaknesses in their playstyle. But Quang Hai still believes this is not an easy task and U23 must do their best.

“North Korea is not a weak team despite their two losses. They have a strong playing style and strong determination. U23 Vietnam will have to fight harder and more determined to win. ”

The captain of the Golden Dragons also emphasized that he and his teammates will have a change in play: “We still have some issues to improve. For example, we have to be decisive and actively launch more shots to improve our attack in the upcoming match. ”

The match between U23 Vietnam and U23 North Korea will take place at 8:15PM on January 16 .

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