Heerenveen fans want the home team to keep Doan Van Hau behind

Author: Amelia
13:00 | 30/06/2020

Many SC Heerenveen fans want coach Johnny Jansen to extend his contract with Doan Van Hau soon.

Recently, FeanOline of the Netherlands published an article "Hanoi FC wants to help Heerenveen pay Van Hau". This information has received great attention from SC Heerenveen fans.

Many fans expressed their wish that SC Heerenveen would quickly renew the contract with Doan Van Hau. Even, they believe Vietnam defender will compete the main kick with Woudenberg.

Conimex fans expressed their opinion: "Doan Van Hau can be used as a left-centerback, not necessarily a left-back. Although I like to see him as an emerging left-back."

Heerenveen fans want Van Hau to stay.
Heerenveen fans want Van Hau to stay.

A fan commented: "If Van Hau only has to compete with Woudenberg, he will have the opportunity to get into the first team.

Woudenberg is not the best left wing player of the team. I want Van Hau to stay and succeed. Weerenveen will then perform well in Asia. "

Mackan68 fans shared: "If there is clarity in the financial story, keeping Van Hau to stay longer is a great plan. He will never let me down in matches in the youth team. Van Hau extremely strong, quite fast and not afraid in hand-to-hand dispute. Let him fight fair with Woudenberg ".

On June 29, the Hanoi Club announced that it would support SC Heerenveen to pay Van Hau. On average, Thai Binh-born players receive 217,000 euros a year.

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