Heerenveen coach criticized by his conservatory

Author: Amelia
18:00 | 14/02/2020

Johnny Jansen is criticized by Heerenveen fans after the home team lost to Feyenoord, one of which was not using Van Hau.

Heerenveen continued their bad performance in the 0-1 loss to Feyenoord, Doan Van Hau was sidelined.

Right after thematch, many fans expressed their disatisfaction with the caoch and stated his conservatory caused the team’s declining form.

Johnny Jansen facing much criticism from fans.

Michel Dijkstra said sadly: “One more disappointment. Coach Jansen seems to only use 11 players for next week and the week after? He could not let Botman play center-back forever.”

Luc Jongsma was even sarcastic about the Dutchman's conservatism: “These 11 names will be used this Sunday.” In response to this comment, Peter Feenstra acknowledged “Of course, our coach’s mind is unchangable! Unfortunately !!!”

Jorrit Mulder also said that this year's Heerenveen is over. All fans’ hope will be spend for the next season. “This season has ended. Deadly mistakes. We should have fought our values. But our players can't score. Perhaps this season has ended. We have to wait again next season,” he shared.

The fall of the Heerenveen players. Photo: SC Heerenveen

In addition to international fans, many Vietnamese fans have expressed their displeasure at coach Johnny Jansen. “I still can't understand. Van Hau may not be the best preparation, but the main squad is not playing well. The coach is too conservative with his plan. Perhaps it's time for a replacement. Don't let things go too far,” shared Le Hieu.

Conservative coaching is the style of coach Johnny Jansen at Heerenveen. He often used only a fixed framework, but rarely had changes or breakthrough action.

Being thrashed by Feyenoord, Heerenveen officially bid farewell to the Dutch national cup playing field. Van Hau's chance to play in the first team is also much narrower when this is the only tournament so far, he has played for the first team (only 4 minutes).

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