Hanoi FC captain supports Van Hau to come back to Vietnam

Author: Amelia
16:30 | 29/06/2020

Van Quyet said that if possible, Van Hau should return to Vietnam to play for Hanoi FC while the team is facing a crisis of personnel as at the present time.

A storm of injuries is raging at the Hanoi club, especially in the defense. After Duy Manh and Dinh Trong, recently defender Nguyen Tuan Anh also had to take a long-term leave after having suffered multiple injuries in the match against Binh Duong.

According to coach Chu Dinh Nghiem, Hanoi FC now has only 16 players in the first team can participate in normal training. This led him to add 5-6 young players to practice together to solve the force problem ahead.

Van Quyet wants Van Hau to return to Vietnam to help Hanoi FC
Van Quyet wants Van Hau to return to Vietnam to help Hanoi FC

Facing the situation of the team, the news of Van Hau returning home in early July makes Hanoi FC's fans very happy. Regarding this, team leader Nguyen Van Quyet shared:

"For professional players, the experience, playing with the top clubs, being rubbed with quality players will help them become more mature. Specifically, this is the case of Van Hau.

This is not a step back but a step forward with Van Hau and the next generations of Hanoi Club. The players will follow Van Hau’s example and prepare better.”

I think that at this moment, when Hanoi FC is having problems with force, Van Hau will return to be a good thing for the team ".

In fact, Doan Van Hau returned to Vietnam at this time is also completely reasonable. The Dutch league has also been halted and will only return in September. Back to Vietnam, Van Hau may play in the second phase of the 2020 V-League.

Besides, SC Heerenveen is still silent about Van Hau's new contract. The Dutch team has no move to extend the contract with Van Hau. Therefore, staying in the Netherlands at this time will be a waste of time and opportunity for Doan Van Hau, which is needed by the young player at the moment.

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