Former Japanese coach: 'Europeans have prejudices against Van Hau'

Author: Amelia
20:30 | 29/06/2020

Coach Troussier had link the football platform affecting the chances of foreign players like Van Hau.

When asked about the opportunities of the current U19 young players, whether there is enough competition in Europe or not, the French strategist said that some players of this age can afford to play.

However, if selected, European teams will prefer the strong players of Africa or South America. This is understandable because Europeans are inherently prejudiced against Asian players, "Even though Vietnam has potential players like Messi, the European teams do not take seriously. The player himself when he goes to Europe will also receive unfriendly attitude from colleagues ".

Talking about Van Hau's case, Mr. Troussier said that this player met a similar situation.

"With Van Hau, I think coach Heerenveen has the same thoughts as me. However, the Dutch community still has bad prejudices about Asian or Vietnamese football, so they have not accepted Van Hau. The consequences for Head coach Heerenveen forced him to use the Dutch or European player before making the final decision to put Van Hau on the pitch .It is not a matter of the player but the preconception of Europe with the rest ".

Mr. Troussier shared frankly about the issue of young Vietnamese football
Mr. Troussier shared frankly about the issue of young Vietnamese football

Mr. Troussier proposed a solution to help Vietnamese players win the trust from Europeans, which is ... Asian champions. He said that Japan had a similar situation in the past, but the fact that Japan regularly attended World Cups, the results were stable, so European scouts were exploiting more in this environment.

This makes the former Japanese coach coach determined to bring U19 Vietnam to the U20 World Cup finals next year. With the current generation of players, Mr. Troussier sees many good qualities, always expressed desire and effort to practice. Although he has limited thinking about playing football, he will do everything to make them better.

It is expected that by the end of this year, Vietnam U19 will participate in the U19 tournament 2020. The Troussier army will be in Group C with three opponents, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Laos.

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