Expert Vu Manh Hai: 'Van Hau will continue to Europe'

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 11/07/2020

Expert Vu Manh Hai assessed that Doan Van Hau's return to Hanoi FC is only a temporary solution, this player will continue to Europe in the near future.

On the afternoon of July 10, Hanoi FC announced that Doan Van Hau would return to Vietnam after the expiration of his contract with SC Heerenveen. The two sides could not find a common voice even though the player expressed his desire to stay for at least 1 more year.

Commenting on Van Hau's return, expert Vu Manh Hai shared with Zing: “Not only me, many people will be disappointed when Van Hau returns home. He spent a year in the Netherlands, having developed quite well. It would be perfect if Van Hau continued to stick with Heerenveen for at least one season. However, this is a decision between the two clubs and Van Hau has no choice. ”

During one year of playing in the Netherlands, Doan Van Hau regularly played in the tournament for young and reserve players. According to expert Vu Manh Hai, this tournament is of little interest but has good quality, surpassing V-League. He judged Doan Van Hau to make a big profit after this trip abroad.

Doan Van Hau will play for Hanoi FC in the near future
Doan Van Hau will play for Hanoi FC in the near future

Expert Vu Manh Hai added: “In my opinion, Van Hau playing in V.League is only a temporary solution. The Hanoi club certainly has a plan for him to continue training in higher football. The absence of Van Hau at Heerenveen helps us realize where his level is. Van Hau should play in Korea, Japan, which is the ideal environment.

If Hanoi and Van Hau continue to be ambitious in Europe. The two sides should consider the more suitable tournament, so Van Hau really has the opportunity to play. The current prospect of Van Hau is also a warning for overseas Vietnamese players. It doesn't matter where the players are, as long as they are given the conditions and the opportunity to play.

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