Dinh Trong: U23 Vietnam will do their best despite no self-determination

Author: Amelia
09:57 | 14/01/2020

U23 Vietnam midfielder shares that Vietnam will do their best in the last match to win the place in the next round.

U23 Vietnam drew to U23 Jordan, which made they lose a chance in the quaterfinals. Yet centerback Dinh Trong still proves his determination ahead of the next match.

“We will stay focused in the upcoming match with North Korea. Whether we lose self-determination or not, we will put the highest effort and cultivate good outcome,” said Dinh Trong.

In this match, U23 Vietnam didn’t have a good start. The defense made mistake consecutively and lack of cooperation which gave opponents some spaces. Luckily, U23 Jordan was unable to score.

Following the situation, Park fielded Dinh Trong. His presence helped Vietnam played more stably.

“U23 Vietnam catches the pace a little bit slowly compared to the opponent. But in the following minutes the team focused, controlled the game and played better. U23 Jordan has very good strikers. They were really causing us a lot of difficulties. "

On January 14, Dinh Trong and his teammates will move to Bangkok to prepare for the final match of the group stage. U23 Vietnam will have to win and hope the score is beneficial in the remaining match between Jordan and UAE.

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