Coach Park Hang Seo has a smokescreen with the list of Vietnam?

Author: Amelia
17:04 | 12/08/2020

All four players on the table that Park Hang-seo revealed were not on the list of Vietnamese teams this time.

Vo Huy Toan

Since the beginning of the season, Vo Huy Toan has been used by coach Chung Hae Seong alternately with Phi Son. He made good use of the times given opportunities, coordinated with Cong Phuong on the attacks of Ho Chi Minh City.

Being absent from the list this time is quite a pity for Huy Toan. Under coach Toshiya Miura, the midfielder was a key factor with powerful and fast penetration into the penalty area.

 Unfortunately, the injury took away Huy Toan's years at the peak of his form.

vo huy toan, park hang seo, ho chi minh fc

Perhaps Coach Park Hang Seo needs to watch more Huy Toan's matches, in case the V-League soon returns. The wing corridor of the current Vietnamese team is also quite cramped when Phan Van Duc has recovered from injury.

Ho Khac Ngoc

Khac Ngoc continued to perform well as a conductor when he joined Viettel club. It didn't take him long to mingle with his new teammates, and became one of the most impressive names of the squad in the first leg. The impressive performance of Khac Ngoc helped Viettel to fly high on the rankings and confidently compete for the championship this season.

ho khac ngoc, viettel fc

However, Park Hang-seo still decided not to summon Khac Ngoc to the Vietnamese team. The player born in 1992 did not fit the Korean military's football philosophy, he needed a midfielder with a simple play, especially the ability to dispute to ensure stability in the midfield. Meanwhile, Khac Ngoc has the style of an "artist".

Duong Van Hao

In the tactical discussion of Park Hang-seo revealed in March was Duong Van Hao. In the U20 group of Vietnam attending the 2017 U20 World Cup in Korea, the midfielder is relatively quiet compared to his teammates, but is a very durable player. In the match against HAGL at Hang Day Stadium in round 2, Duong Van Hao came off the bench to replace Bui Tien Dung, and he was the creator for Viet Phong to equalize 2-2.

park hang seo, khac ngoc, hai huy, van hao

However, the midfielder still needed more time to improve himself. He needs to increase his fitness after a long hiatus from playing because of a very serious injury two years ago. In the short term, Van Hao needs to occupy the main stone in the color of Viettel club shirt.

Nguyen Hai Huy

The most unfortunate case of absence is probably Nguyen Hai Huy. He had a very serious injury in the match against Hong Linh Ha Tinh. The midfielder, 29, had a successful surgery and could return to training in the next 1-2 months. He is the leader of the midfield of Than Quang Ninh, with aggressive and mischievous gameplay. Hai Huy also owns very dangerous long-range shots, which could be the plan of Park Hang-seo.

Of course this focus is only meant to test the fitness and performance of the players. Coach Park Hang Seo often makes very unpredictable decisions. Most likely, he will give the opportunity to Huy Toan, Van Hao or Khac Ngoc in the next gathering.

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