Coach Lee Tae Hoon worried about the physical condition of Tuan Anh

Author: Preeda Apsara
11:00 | 30/06/2020

Coach Lee Tae Hoon explained the reason for benching pillars such as Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong and Minh Vuong on the bench in the match against Hai Phong.

In the 7th round of V-League 2020, HAGL Club has a trip to Lach Tray Stadium of Hai Phong Club. Despite a great effort, the players in the mountain town team could not find the home team's net and was satisfied with only 1 point.

In this match, coach Lee Tae Hoon surprised everyone when he put a series of pillars on the bench. Among them are Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong or Minh Vuong. Explaining its decision, the Korean strategist said:

“Tuan Anh has played 5 matches continuously and has a history of injury. We don't want to risk him. Tuan Anh needs time to rest so that he can play next matches.

As for Xuan Truong, we should have allowed him to come in but the match didn't go as planned by HAGL. Therefore, the team could not let him come on the field earlier. Everyone has lots of questions about Xuan Truong but he doesn't have a problem. He is always in our plan. ”

HAGL is in deadlock against Hai Phong club
HAGL is in deadlock against Hai Phong club

In addition, coach Lee Tae Hoon also said that the weather and pitch conditions were not favorable for HAGL  to play the way they wanted:

"The weather and the pitch are not the same as Pleiku so we have to start the game in a different way, not the style of the club. In the second half, the team also had some injuries so we had to change tactics again. ”.

Having only won 1 point to Hai Phong, HAGL Club has not been able to make a breakthrough on the rankings yet. Lee Tae-hoon’s side will have to try a lot if they want to accomplish the goal of reaching the top 5 in the V-League 2020.

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