Coach Le Huynh Duc: 'The referee always disadvantage us’

Author: Nick Cassidy
10:00 | 30/06/2020

Coach Le Huynh Duc was axious when sharing about the referee whistle in the match against Ho Chi Minh City.

VIDEO: Highlighs- HCMC 2-2 SHB Da Nang (round 7 V-League 2020)

Thanks to Tanda's goal in the last minutes to get 1 point, but for most of the match time, SHB Da Nang was the leading team. They created a stable game that made Chung Hae Seong's army under difficulties.

When asked about the arbitration, coach Le Huynh Duc could not hide his frustration:

"Actually, I do not want to talk about this anymore, but you ask so I answer. Frankly speaking, the referee is always detrimental, from an offside situation, corner kick and free kick.

I did not mean to criticize or anything, but you see that it is obvious that the whistle was not correct so it made me frustrated. I do not want to say anything more about referees, watching is enough to understand. "

Coach Le Huynh Duc is not satisfied with the referee
Coach Le Huynh Duc is not satisfied with the referee

Da Nang's effort is worth acknowledging. Coach Le Huynh Duc encouraged the players.

"Our players have worked hard to make the game more smooth. For young players, SHB Da Nang has a lot of work to do. However, with what is available now, I would like to thank you for the players that made every effort."

With the regretable draw, SHB Da Nang’s ranking remains stable on the 2020 V-League table. However, the two opponents right below are Thanh Hoa and HL Ha Tinh still have a match, so the risk of being pushed to the bottom is even more obvious.  

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