Akira Nishino disclose the reason helps Thailand tie to Iraq

Author: Amelia
14:00 | 15/01/2020

Akira Nishino spends time on speaking about the changes to help U23 Thailand tie to Iraq and expresses his determination in the quarter finals.

U23 Thailand wins the place in the quarter finals after drawing to Iraw 1-1. This is such a proud achievement of Changsuel as they was eliminated in SEA Games 30th.

Speaking in the press conference, Nishino shares, My players and I have tried our best and we deserve this achievement. We advance to the quarterfinals.

The starting today has changed much from the past two matches. However, substitutes performed well in the first half. They played focused and determined.

Nishino changed the squad and helped Thailand win the favorable outcome.

I use ben Davis and Worachit on the attack. This duo shows their great strength on speed. They work well together both in attacking and defending. However, I bench Ben  in the second half because he was booked a yellow card and at risk of being suspended.”

U23 Thailand’s next rival is the group B winner. The situation is hard to predict: “We will face a huge challenge in the quarter finals, we have known who we will face. But we will have the best preparation. My players will fully recover for the next match,” added Nishino.

U23 Thailand will face group B winner in the quarter finals.

I am happy yo see U23 Thailand having quality players. Charoen Sak Wongkon possesses good speed to ensure the ability to attack when needed. Tithornorn Aksornsri with his skillful left leg is enough to replace Theerathon Bunmathan in the future. ”

Closing the press conference, the Japanese leader confirmed that the whole team has forgotten the defeat at the SEA Games and will spend all their efforts in the next match at AFC U23 Championship 2020 finals.

"There is nothing to say about the past, there is no difference between my training at SEA Games 30 and here, just a different way of operating. I really want to forget that tournament. We did not have many previous matches to help players accumulate experience, the schedule is too tight.Here we are the hosts, players who are motivated to contribute and accumulate experience. "- Coach Akira Nishino said.

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