Afraid of coronavirus, Panama cancels the match with Thailand

Author: Amelia
11:00 | 14/02/2020

Instead of moving to Thailand to play a friendly game at the end of March, Panama chose to cancel that plan.

Initially, Panama accepted Thailand's offer to play an exhibition match in Songkhla on March 30, which was played in the second preliminary round of the World Cup qualifiers.

In terms of the Thailand team, coach Nishino Akira thought it a good opportunity for his players to improve their performance to take the leading place in Group G from Vietnam.

By doing that, the will advance to the final preliminary round of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup qualification. However, this plan collapsed when Panama decided to cancel the match after considering the risk of the infection of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Iraq team also thought about canceling the friendly game with Vietnam for the same reason. In theory, it will affect the plan of both teams in Southeast Asia, as they can find a possible rival to organize another exhibition match.

At the moment, Vietnam is leading Group G of the second preliminary round of the World Cup qualification with 11 points, 3 points more than that of Thailand, which is in third place.

However, in both games between two teams, Vietnam could not find any chance to win Thailand, which made them unable to fortify the first place.

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