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'Van Hau can’t compare to European footballers’, says Van Hau's coach

Thứ năm, 27/06/2019 10:45 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

According to Pham Minh Duc - Van Hau's coach, defender Doan Van Hau has just reached the only requirement which is physical building. Regarding others required standard in term of strength or speed, he cannot compare to European players.

Knowing the recent rumors circulated the internet that Doan Van Hau – Vietnam’s main left-winger is being taken interest from Austria Wien, Pham Minh Duc – the coach guiding Van Hau from the first steps since he was a little kid showed a surprise.

He thinks that his student needs to improve a lot of skills to reach European arena:

“It is really hard for Vietnamese players because there has been no one successful abroad so far. Whether this is true or just a rumor, it is considered a test for him.

Van Hau is 20 years old but to be played in Europe, he has met only the requirement of body-building. Other factors such as strength and speed, Van Hau still is way too far European players. Playing along the sideline with his speed will be very difficult in the European arena.” – quoted Pham Minh Duc’s words

Based on some sources, Austria Wien FC is targeting to buy Doan Van Hau under an outright 18 billion VND deal but Ha Noi FC is asking 1 million Euro (more than 26 billion VND). Other option would be a 2-3 billion VND loan following an outright term.

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