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Park Hang-seo: Fear of Thailand no longer become of Vietnam

Chủ nhật, 31/03/2019 07:18 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

Coach Park Hang-Seo affirmed today’s success making Vietnam team no longer panic Thailand. He stated after the match Vietnam won against 4-0 Thailand - a contest of AFC U-23 Championship 2020 Qualifiers.

3 reasons Vietnam won against Thailand

The most expecting match of AFC U-23 Championship 2020 Qualifiers has happened exactly what Vietnamese fans awaited. Being forced to win to have a seat in the Final round along with the advantage of playing right on the home pitch, Coach Park Hang-seo's men showed the convincing performances when facing the "great rival" - Thailand. With confidences as well as reasonable statics, U23 Vietnam has helped master the matchup and constantly create dangerous opportunities on the opponent's goal.

Being under pressure of U23 Vietnam’s well playing, the defense of Thailand was unable to stable and conceded 4 times by the definite phases of Duc Chinh, Hoang Duc, Thanh Chung, and Thanh Son. We absolutely have a high chance to record at least 2 more goals in Thailand's net if we’re more luckily.

Vietnam's Coach, Mr. Park Hang-Seo stated: “Even being a Coach, I can never tell scores as a team always can win or lose. It blows my mind away with this extraordinary victory.”
“I’ve never led the national team to compete against Thailand, but U23 team has still overmatched two games. With our 2-week-practice comparing to spending the whole year for their team to prepare for the competition, we’re still the winner. Henceforth, fearing Thailand will be no longer become of Vietnam.

U23 Vietnam overmatched convincingly U23 Thailand

The players promoted all their strengths, solidarities, efforts, strivings and confidences creating this victory. There is no lucky for one who has no effort. Once again, I would like to thank all the footballers for what they’ve done.”

A new center player returning was Tran Dinh Trong. He seemed to have had problems with his ankles yet Mr. Park believed the pain was under controlled and didn’t affect his old injury.

"I talked to the doctors very clearly before closing the member list and still held my decision of keeping Dinh Trong. We all understand that he couldn’t enter the play immediately but we have let him join eventually each match making sure that Dinh Trong can get used to getting back. It was a remarkable match because the opponent was Thailand. Dinh Trong was really impressive playing through the whole game. Although he had a slight pain in his ankles, the pain was under controlled and didn’t affect his old injury.”

Having this amazing victory, U23 Vietnam has officially had a seat of 2020 AFC U23 holding early next year in Thailand. Moreover, this result also confirms the talent of Vietnam team and clears away the controversy of football backgrounds between Vietnamese and Thailand. And it also definitely throws away the "fear of Thailand" mentality that has been existed for a long time with Vietnamese players.