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Borwonwatanadilok steps down as Muangthong Head Coach

Thứ ba, 02/04/2019 22:07 (GMT+7)
Vân Anh
BTV Thể thao

Thể Thao 247 - Within the five beginning matches of Thai League 2019, Muangthong United lost three which made Coach Borwonwatanadilok decide to give up his position.

According to Siam Sport (Thailand), Coach Borwonwatanadilok resigned as Manager Coach of Muangthong United, the team led by Borwonwatanadilok lose 0 – 2 to Ratchaburi. This was the third failure within five matches of Muangthong United until now at Thai League 2019.

“As I said before, I will very soon think about my future at Muangthong after five beginning contests at Thai League 2019. And now, it is a high time that I decided to end with the role of Muangthong’s Coach.”

Borwonwatanadilok steps down as Muangthong Head Coach

I would like to give thanks to the leaders who gave me a chance to lead Muangthong Utd.  I also want to show my gratitude to all the players, the assistants, and the fans. I am really sorry for not finishing the expected goal. I wish Muangthong will back to triumphs very soon.”

It was predictable that Borwonwatanadilok has to leave Muangthong, the team has created a forgettable milestone when losing Prachuap at the first encounter of Thai League 2019. This is the first shellacking of the team for 10 years.

Van Lam plays well but he can not save Muanthong Utd

The second competition was an away match in which Muanthong was defeated by Bangkok also after 10 years. Along with the 2 consecutive failings, the third failure against Ratchaburi of Muangthong Utd owning a lot of superstars is making an ache of disappointment to the fans.

Muangthong United is now at the 10th on the table. This wealthy football background will find a coach at the drop of a hat to replace Borwonwatanadilok.

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